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Good news on RSYNC issues

I have a potato!

FYI I am all set now thatnks to all of your help!  The stick in the mud
ended up being fixed by a simple DOS command.  The "Out of environment"
error was the root of all my problems it seemed.  The fix, thanks to
Anne, was simply to run the following command before executing any rsync
or make-psuedo-image:

from a the start menu in win 95, run..., I typed the following:
C:\comnand.com /e:32768

That brings up a dos window with whatever magical fix done.  No
environment errors. After I was done I checked the checksums and viola! 
They are good(what a relief to see!).  The speedup on the rsync went
from 1.6 to 60.8.  BIG difference! Much faster that way!

Thanks again for all your help.  If anyone has this error now we know
the fix is simple!


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