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Re: RSYNC issues (fwd)

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Null wrote:

> Here is the rundown of what happens when I RSYNC against MIT or Debians
> servers.  The error is the same no matter who I download from it always
> gets to 99% then spits out the error problem.  Each time my iso is a

This "error" is a known non-problem. Just added it to the notes on the

o Sometimes rsync reports: `ERROR: file corruption in <filename>. File changed
  during transfer?'. This is usually wrong, and your image is correct after
  all (it's a bug in rsync). If the md5sum of the .iso file matches, the file
  is correct.

But _your_ image is not correct, see below. (However rsync _should_ have
thought it wrote a correct file; this is a complicated issue.) 

> different size(its getting bigger thought!  Bigger is better right?
> :-).  Any ideas?  Oh and whenever I start RSYNC, it starts with an "Out
> of Environment Space" error then continues with the RSYNC.

Now that's a new one, and thanks a lot for reporting it -- it might well be
bothering other users. And this is very likely your biggest problem.

o Windows-only: watch out for an `Out of environment space' warning. Usually
  the command (either make-pseudo-image or rsync) will complete, but the
  results will be completely unusable. Solution: start another command.com
  with `command c:\ /e:32768' and repeat the command there.

Your current (already wrongly-rsynced) binary-i386-1.iso is probably totally
useless now; start with a fresh pseudo-image if you want to try it again.

  Anne Bezemer

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