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RSYNC issues

Here is the rundown of what happens when I RSYNC against MIT or Debians
servers.  The error is the same no matter who I download from it always
gets to 99% then spits out the error problem.  Each time my iso is a
different size(its getting bigger thought!  Bigger is better right?
:-).  Any ideas?  Oh and whenever I start RSYNC, it starts with an "Out
of Environment Space" error then continues with the RSYNC.


Here is the result of a typical RSYNC sessionfor me:

H:\>rsync --verbose --progress --stats --block-size=8192
aurolinux.mit.edu::debian-cd/2.2_rev0/i386/binary-i386-1.iso .
Out of environment space

(MIT disclaimer in here)

658926947 (99%)
ERROR: file corruption in binary-i386.iso. File changed during transfer?

Number of files: 1
Number of files transferred: 1
Total file size: 658929664 bytes
Total transfered file sized: 658929664 bytes
Literal data: 638482432 bytes
Matched data:20447232 bytes
Files list size: 40
Total bytes written: 484815
Total bytes read: 638572493

wrote 484815 bytes  read 638572493 bytes 59884.49 bytes/sec
total size is 658929664 speedup is 1.03

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