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Your Website

I am a major accounts representative with World Mall.com.  We are one of the
oldest virtual malls on the internet and with over 25,000,000 annual hits,
one of the most popular.

I came across your web site while browsing  the internet.   Your site would
benefit immediately from a marketing association with Worldmall.com.
Essentially we create a direct "link" to your web site which exposes it to
our rapidly growing traffic base.  The cost is $19.95/month (USD) and
includes a monthly submission to the top 1,800 search engines.  There is no
contract or set up fee.

Visit our site at www.worldmall.com.  Please feel free to e-mail me at paul@worldmallinc.com with any questions.

Please refer to Reference Code 88a to take advantage of this offer.


Paul Armstrong
Toll Free 1-877-421-6255

As that we have contacted you previously, we would like to provide you with
an easy way to remove your email address from future correspondences. To
permanently remove your email address, send us an email at
remove@worldmall.com, with remove in the subject field.

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