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Re:[Fwd:RSYNC issues

Hello again Anne,

Too late I already RSYNCed it!  I ended up with a ~640 mb file in
Windows this time.  The checksums don't add up though.  I am going to
and RSYNC it again tonite.

I will switch to a standard size CD for consistancy.

If I get bored(;-) I will run make-pseudo-image again and let you know
what happens...

Thanks again,

"J.A. Bezemer" wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, null wrote:
> > I tried to burn the ISO again.  What you said made sense.  But I
> > ended,with the same result.  I get a "cant find sector error" when
> > trying to view the dir of the CD. I am burning to a 700mb CD but that
> > doesn't seem like it should matter.  The ISO burns to 628 mb on CD  the
> > ISO on the,Windows HD shows as 631mb.  Is it just that windows cant read
> > the CD,disk?  That seems too unlikely.
> All of the directories are located in the first 10 MB or so of the CD, so the
> "too small" burning won't affect that. However, using a 700MB CD means pushing
> your CDROM drive to the limit, since most such CDs don't comply with the
> official standards any more. I'd suggest that you use a "normal" 74min/650MB
> CD-R next time.
> But the issue may also be that your CD recording software doesn't burn the
> .iso file to the CD correctly and/or doesn't recognize the .iso file as being
> a "raw" 2048-bytes-per-sector data track. With some burning programs, this can
> be tricky. The FAQ at  http://cdimage.debian.org/faq.html  contains specific
> instructions for several programs.
> And before burning, do check the md5sum of the .iso file, as detailed in
> the Kit's README. If the md5sum matches, we can at least exclude the problem
> of the .iso file being incorrect.
> > Concerning Pseudo image Kit 2.0:
> > I tried make-pseudo-image from my house where I have good bandwidth.
> > After running the command:
> >
> > I:\>make-pseudo-image binary-i386-1.list ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian
> >
> > I ended up with a ~9mb file pseudo image.  I checked the error log and,
> > there were two errors concerning readme files but nothing else.  The
> > dowload log showed all the files as downloaded at a total much
> > greater,than 9mb (or so it seemed! I didnt add it all up yet).  No
> > errors,there.  But somthing sure seems flakey.  I am running RSYNC
> If you still happen to have a copy of that pseudo-image, try to open it in
> Notepad. That might reveal some more information. A few months ago, there was
> a similar-looking problem due to a broken HTTP (not FTP) server that sent
> error pages without flagging it as an error, which resulted in a very small
> pseudo-image consisting only of a few thousand concatenated error pages...
> Regards,
>   Anne Bezemer

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