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Debian update CDs

   How can I create an CD image which I can use as additional (update) CD
   in a Debian CD set ?
   ( the new and updated packages can be recognized y comparing the
     newest official Package files and my dpkg status file)
   My Idea is to generate once in 3 month one CD which contains the updates 
   only. (maybe one for the "stable" tree and one for the "unstable" tree.)

   My special problem: I have to create these CDs using a linux system,
   which is not a Debian system. (so I need to install all special debian 
   (and probably recent) stuff myself at non standard locations)

   I found the following 3 packages, which do all parts of it or
   somehow related things but it is not clear to me whether they can be
   combined to do what I want.

   I detail:
   1) /usr/share/doc/apt/offline.text.gz  (guide for offline update)
       the recipe described there
       fetches only updates for installed packages and stores all
       *.deb files in one directory.
   2) package apt-move
       |-(from its doc)-------------------------------------------------------
       | It can also optionally employ rsync(1)
       | to build a partial or complete local mirror of a Debian binary
       | distribution (including an ``installed-packages only'' mirror)
      could be used together with the procedure of 1) (also standalone ?)
      to generate a partial mirror on a debian device.
      The exclude list for rsync should be generated by a script.
      Its not clear to me whether this will work ?
   3) package debian-cd
      to generate Debian CDs from a writable debian mirror
      Will this work with partial mirrors ?
      Can the partial mirror be a symlink farm to a real mounted but
      non writable full debian mirror ?

   Will apt-cdrom work correctly with such an update CD ?
   The packages 2) and 3) require lots of other stuff.
   This isn't convenient/easy to install on a non Debian System
   as normal user.

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