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Re: availability of .list files

Mark Mitchell <mmitchell@sta.samsung.com> writes:

> I would like to use the Pseudo-Image kit.  Unfortunately, while there are
> plenty of package mirrors, I am having a hard time finding .list files that
> match the packages on the mirrors (warnings on every package when running
> make-pseudo-image).  Perhaps you could make your Pseudo-Image kit
> documentation/web pages much more clear and specific about how one can find
> a correlating set of packages and .list files and rsync servers.  No package
> mirrors I have looked at have any .list files at all, it seems only the few
> ISO mirrors have them.  It seems you should encourage package mirrors to
> include  .list files.  I am just about frustrated enough to make a small
> bogus binary-i386.iso file and run rsync on it.  I would be glad to be more
> well-mannered and get the packages from other servers as you suggest if it
> was more clear how/where to do it.


Look in the 2.2_rev0* directories

Cheers, Phil.

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