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Re: 2.2 CD images appearing

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, jason andrade wrote:

Another thing - is this really true ?

from: http://cdimage.debian.org/ftp-mirrors.html

 NOTE: USE OF THESE SITES IS DISCOURAGED!! If possible, use the Pseudo-Image Kit. 

that's actually not true for us - we aren't discouraging anyone
from using our site - if they want to use the PIK that's great
but maybe it should be changed to

NOTE:  You can reduce load on mirror sites by using the PIK (link) and
       especially by using a mirror site that is closest to you!

i've tried using the PIK myself on sun solaris - for some reason, using
it in effectively an "out of the box" configuration simply doesn't work
for me - it appears to be working fine, but it takes approximately 4 days
to build a cd image.   in the end i just did not have the time to debug
this and went back to rsync.


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