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Re: Live file systems

>>>>> " " == J A Bezemer <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

     > On Wed, 31 May 2000, Scott Sexton & David Lewis wrote:

    >> Hello Anne Bezemer,
    >> I found a February 22 2000 Debian list posting by you
    >> discussing "live" file systems. I was wondering if you did any
    >> more research or work on live file systems and could point me
    >> to some sites or discussions on current work.
    >> Thanks for your time if you have a moment to reply, Scott
    >> Sexton

     > That topic hasn't been discussed for some time, and I'm not
     > aware of any developments in that area.

     > Anyway, I'm Cc:'ing the debian-cd list, maybe someone else has
     > more info.

I'm working on it for potato for i386 and Alpha and when I get my
Amiga running again I can test it for m68k also.

The bootdisk for i386 is ready and my base system for the CD also, but
X still needs a lot of work. At the moment I can only use X_FBDev (the
framebuffer X server).

Of cause a lot of testing will also be needed.

I will put it all onto ftp after the Linuxtag.


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