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Re: "old" Potato i386 Net-Install CDROM

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Stuart Krivis wrote:

> I noticed that this CDROM image is not recommended at this point.
> I actually used it within the last month, and found it very handy. It's
> much better than using floppies. It also saves a lot of resources since I
> don't have to download what I don't need.

The Net-Install CD is not recommended because there are lots of bugs in the
install system, that are already fixed in the newest "official" version. It
basically was generating unnecesary (and thus annoying) bug reports ;-)

However, there is work being done on a different approach that fits better in
the current CD-image generation procedure, which will produce small-size CD's
with not only the install system, but also optionally a selection of popular
packages. This should be ready around potato-release time. 

  Anne Bezemer

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