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Re: Temporary directorys $%$# up

On 19-Jun-2000 Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>On 19-Jun-2000 Jim Westveer wrote:
>>> Who changed the temporary directory names in debian-cd 
>>> from  /1/  to /CD1/   ??????
> That was me. It's a part of the FORCENONUSONCD1 patch. I thought I had
> caught all occurrences of /1/ etc. As for building multiple trees, it
> shouldn't have that effect unless you specify FORCENONUSONCD1 in
> CONF.sh
>>A quick fix is to change all occurrences of /1/
>>to /CD1/  in the file tools/potato/upgrade.sh 

ok (hi Steve),

Actually I was using EXTRANONFREE and non-us,

Something else is messing up the SIZELIMIT args, as I am
getting 770M images....I'll check on that also.


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