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Re: binaries and sources on the same cd?

Le Wed, Jun 14, 2000 at 09:17:59AM -0700, Christoph Lameter écrivait:
> I could not find anything in the docs and debian-cd is always generating
> separate sets of sources and binaries. I need one bootable CD Image with
> binaries sources etc.
> Has it been done before or do I need to hack on some scripts?

It has not yet been done, however it's quite easy to add. Check the
sources target in the Makefile, you can copy it in a new target 
"bin-sources" and make it install source files in $BDIR instead of
$SDIR ... maybe this target should fail if there's more than one binary CD
and one soure CD.

And then you use make bin-source in your custom build.sh script.

Raphaël Hertzog -+- http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/~raphael/

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