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Potato Test Cycle 2 on

I just synced the test-cycle 2 (non-US from cdimage.debian.org)
on  The images of alpha, i386, sparc, and source are available

The server is located in Vienna, Austria.  Please report back, if you think
this service is valueable, how it works for you (speed, ...), or what we
can improve.

have fun with it.

Welcome to this rsync service.

This is an experimental rsync service.  If you experience any problems
please email gp@atnet.at.

If you're not located in Austria please use another rsync server unless
you have a very good reason for getting it from here.

This server uses bandwidth kindly donated by the Vienna Backbone Service.

debian-cd       Debian CD images
redhat-cd       Red Hat CD images
wwwgnu          www.gnu.org repository
ftpgnu          ftp.gnu.org/gnu repository
ftpgnualpha     alpha.gnu.org repository

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