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Questions about using Debian-CD

I've played around with Debian-CD (2.2.0), partly because there weren't
test images around, partly because I might build my own CD (adjusted for
Switzerland needs). After downloading all the packages I needed (via FTP
on another computer), I built the Packages.gz files and went through the
README for Debian-CD.

I've made the following experience:

1. Make mirrorcheck starts apt-get update if a Package.gz file is
missing. Of course apt-get terminates if it can't connect to a server.
Mirrorcheck terminates as well with an error instead of just leaving
this part off.

2. Make list TASK=... gives a statistic if anything is added. If the
same statement is repeated no feedback is given. Could the statistic be
returned anytime? Also it seems error are reported just the first time

3. Make bootable does also return some cryptic error messages
Apt-get is updating his files ...
Ign file: frozen/local Release
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
Making the binary CDs bootable ...
No script to make CDs bootable for i386 ...
make: *** [/usr/tmp/frozen-i386/bootable-stamp] Error 1

4. There is no make clean or any advice in the README how to start over

Generally errors are rather difficult to interpret. Could it be possible
to show always the last package/file which is accessed when an error

O. Wyss

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