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Re: Test Cycle 2 Images available from new site

"J.A. Bezemer" <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

> On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Ben Collins wrote:
> > Ok, this is all 6 archs +  Source, which comes to 21 Images (~11gigs).
> > Phil has agreed to concentrate on making a simple non-US CD#1 type thing
> > that he will work on. The MD5SUMS is signed by me, so use it for
> > validation.
> > 
> > rsync auric.debian.org:cdimage
That should of course be ::

> Now I'm getting a little bit confused, maybe because I'm getting sleepy ;-).
> On open.hands.com I see only non-US 3-CD sets for all except powerpc & arm.
> On auric I see US(??) 3-CD sets for everything.
> AFAI understand at the moment:
> - The images on auric are the one-and-only Official US-exportable test-cycle-2
>   images,
> - The images on open are the one-and-only Official non-US test-cycle-2 images,
>   and powerpc/arm will appear shortly (i.e. the rest won't change)
> Phil & Ben please confirm or correct, so that I can update the webpage with
> the correct info, and send some announcements. (That'll be tomorrow morning) 

Yes, that's correct.  I've killed the USexportable images on open,
with a view to making room for dual-CD#1 US/nonUS testing later this

auric is MUCH quicker than open, and has loads of bandwidth, so CD
production there is only hampered by it's location in the USA.

I think auric should probably be given a CNAME record of something
like cdimage-us.debian.org, and be considered the USexportable image
master (even if we actually end up making the US images outside the
states in reality).

Cheers, Phil.

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