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Re: Test Cycle 2 images available

On 11 Jun 2000, Philip Hands wrote:

> We have some non-US images:
>   rsync cdimage.debian.org::potato_test-cycle-2_nonUS/
>   (alpha, i386, m68k, & src)
> and some US exportable images:
>   rsync cdimage.debian.org::potato_test-cycle-2_US/
>   (i386, powerpc, & src)

mirror.aarnet.edu.au has started mirroring the nonUS images - i'm
starting to rsync the i386 and source images - once they are
all complete (rsynced over the test-cycle-1 images) i'll start
to add the alpha and m68k images.

is there any requirement to have the `US' images if i'm not in the
US ?



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