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Re: Extra non-free support... please test !

On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 07:28:19PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>since people wanted this change rapidly, i've done it. And i committed it
>but I didn't test it !!! So please test it ... and tell me if it works.

The binary side appears to work OK - I see you've gone for moving
dependent contrib packages to the non-free CDs as well.

The source side appears broken - I'm not getting a non-free source CD
being produced at all, and the sizes of the free ones look
suspicious. I'm looking into it.

>For convenience, I've attached the complete patch i've used. I've
>rewritten most of the previous patch ... this one looks cleaner to me,
>with EXTRANONFREE=0 it does *exactly* the same than before ...
>There's a little change in the logic, NONFREE and EXTRANONFREE can't be
>set at the same time.

OK, fine. It might be worth renaming NONFREE to INCLUDENONFREE?

>For the non-US stuff, I've written nothing yet. I don't know how I'll do
>it. Maybe i'll add FORCENONUSONCD1 variable that will include complete
>NON-US on CD1. For generating the US set you simply need to use the same
>*.packages files but with non-US packages removed ... I don't know how I
>will integrate all this... if you have a nice idea, please let me know. :)

That sounds reasonable, yes. I got halfway through doing something
like that today - I'll post it when it works.

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