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Re: [PATCH] better handling of non-free CDs

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 11:02:30AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>Le Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 02:16:40AM +0100, Steve McIntyre écrivait:
>> The following patch does something I've wanted for a while: move
>> non-free binary packages off onto an extra separate final CD. This
>> makes life much easier for those of us trying to keep images around
>> for multiple options. Please try it out.
>I understand the motivation for this patch, however I'm concerned by a
>number of problems (I haven't yet completely checked your patch) :
>- what about contrib ? I mean if nonfree is not set, packages in contrib
>  would have broken dependencies and thus are not included in the main
>  CD set. However some packages of contrib are since they may only
>  recommend some non-free programs... should we try to get them on the
>  extra non-free CD ?

I've hacked the add_package function to just ignore non-free packages
in the dependency lists unless we're onto the later CDs containing
only non-free. Contrib packages therefore will be dropped into place
just as normal.

>- what about self-consistency of the first CD if you push all non-US on
>  it ? it will take many MB to get all non-US and the dependencies. It may
>  take some place that would be better used by packages needed for tasks-*

Looking at non-US binary-{i386,all}, it takes about 20MB. Including
dependencies shouldn't take much further. I'm looking at at this right

>- I want that we keep the possibility to merge main & non-free on the same
>  CDs.

That's the problem - I want to keep main and non-free entirely
separate, for logistical reasons. Then I don't have to keep so many
images around to cope with the different options. If you look at the
patch, there's a simple config change - set $extranonfree in list2cds
if you want it split. If you leave it set to 0 then behaviour should
be almost identical to before. I haven't plumbed it through yet, but
I'm going to add it as another variable in CONF.sh.

>And your point of view for the various CD sets is wrong. You said :
>binary 1 with/without non-US
>binary 2 & 3 completely free
>Keep in mind that if you don't include non-US on the first CD,
>you'll have more space and thus you'll put in more packages and that's why
>binary 2 & 3 will differ between the US and non-US version...

Not necessarily - I'm aiming at making the images identical, then
simply deleting the non-US files off CD#1 for the US-safe one. That
way the rest of the set will be the same. I know it then wastes a
little space on CD#1, but I think it's worth it. The cost of keeping
around a full set of images for all arches is getting ridiculous - I
think we need to do what we can to reduce it:

	7 "arches" (6 binary + 1 source)
x   6 images per arch (3 non-US, 3 US-safe)
x   ~600MB per image

If you want to do non-free also, this more than doubles. Add on a
couple of new arches (sparc64, mips*, hurd-*) and the size gets silly.

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