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Re: upgrade still not working good.

so, when you post nonsense twice, then it's time to get some sleep.

the new apt asks "please put in cd xyz" till it got all packages.
the old apt in slink failes for all packages not on the current cd.

the potato install cd must include all software that is necessary or
helpfull for an upgrade slink -> potato, and ist must have detailed
instructions how to do the update.

maybe my apt was older than i thought, but for the potato cdrom debian
must use debian slink 2.1r0 as reference. maybe even think about
older software (pre slink or hamm).

also the instructions on the cdrom should include a big fat warning,
not to try the update or instalaltion with dpkg-multicd or an old apt.

> I don't know, but I didn't try either ;-). But if you were running apt from
> potato on a slink system, weren't there any dependency conflicts with e.g.
> libc6.1?

my guess is: dpkg-multicd had resolved some problems till it got to
a point where it was not doing anything usefull.

this was not a clean test, rather the reactivation of an old linux
installation not used for a long time. a more professional test
might proofe better that somethings works, but this is also ok
to find problems. without proper documentation some people will
have similiar problems.

> Can someone enlighten me: is it _POSSIBLE_ to compile the latest apt on a hamm
> system? I mean, making a .deb package. I expect problems with debhelper etc.

what about a static compiled apt ? sure, it's big and fat and ugly,
but for the sole purpose of an update it might do it's job well.

regards, andreas

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