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Re: 24MB bootable CD install image

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Mark Horn wrote:

> Here is how I made the 24MB bootable Debian install CD:

Excellent job! People have been asking for something like this a long time.

However, for things to be "adopted" by debian-cd, experience shows that you've
got to do a little bit more. It would be very nice if there was a simple shell
script that would just do everything without intervention. Should be called
for example:

  make-netinstcd /path/to/debian potato /tmp/workdir /tmp/netinstcd.iso

This is supposed to be run on a machine with a complete copy of the Debian FTP
archive under /path/to/debian (so dists/ is /path/to/debian/dists). The
example will use the potato version, it should also use the
disks-i386/current/ symlink. /tmp/workdir should be some work space that holds
at least XYZ MB (you specify), the resulting .iso is named /tmp/netinstcd.iso.

It would be very wise to also use `mkhybrid' as the rest of the debiancd
package does.

You can also specify that /tmp/workdir should be on the same partition as the
entire Debian archive, in which case you can easily use hardlinks to the
disks/current/ files (doesn't require "any" disk space). 

Also, instead of creating only an .iso image, you could also think of using
mkdosfs (?) to put the thing on a (bootable) ZIP disk or LS120 floppy.
Either let the script create both (simplest) or make two scripts (other e.g.

BTW, as long as no modification to the boot disks are required, the debian-cd
list is the place to discuss this kind of thing. 

And if you already happen to have such an .iso downloadable somewhere, I'd
really like to take a look at it. If you have a slink version, we can put it
up on cdimage.debian.org.

  Anne Bezemer

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