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Re: Finalizing debian-cd for potato

I can see this being appropriate for a tune2fs postinst question.  There
could be one question that asks if you would like to change the names and
reserved space on the filesystems.  Most people in the linux world are
used to the way it is, so making the change in a way both linux and
non-linux people understand is a good idea.  

Everyone has things they change after install.  I like to change the
behavior of cont-alt-del and lock down all the services that aren't needed
or wanted.  I may need to add this to my bag-o-tricks.


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On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Ilkka Tuohela wrote:

> After reading this (don't know why) I had to ask...
> Could it be possible to make debian installer automatically do something 
> like
> tune2fs -L ${MOUNTPOINT}_fs $filesystem
> when making new filesystems? It's really much more useful to see fcsk
> checking home_fs that /dev/hda8... I just always run tune2fs for each
> filesystem I use after install... maybe setting reserved blocks were 
> nice too, because having 20GB with default 5% reserved blocks count for 
> id 0, mounted to /home isn't really clever.
> For example making reserved blocks count to
>   2048 for root (just to be sure...)
>   0 for /usr (users don't write there anyway)
>   n for /var (depends, should be probably asked)
>   0 for /home (well, this IS user's space, isn't it?)
> these numbers of course only if you have all these different partitions:
> default 5% is nice if you install to single partition. Maybe we need some
> logic.
> Hmmm, asking for reserved blocks count during install could be nice
> ('would you like to change default %5 value for reserved blocks count
>   for partitions created?'): ask once if wanted, ask after that for each
> partition created. 
> That's just one idea. I don't know if it's _good_ idea but methinks it is.
> I know, busybox doesn't currently have tune2fs so this really isn't potato
> issue. Maybe later.
> There really were something more important to do for potato like making every
> package debconf-aware. I really try to contribute but have so little time...
> (probably you haven't ever heard of me before: well, I'm one of these finnish
>  wannabe developers, only have so much work to do that there isn't time for 
>  debian. Shit.)
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