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Re: rsync and moved files

> if someone rsyncs the complete debian-cd hierarchy, will rsync notice if you
> move from 2.1 to 2.2 for example and only copy the differences?

`no'. not exactly.  i understand that if you are mirroring the *whole*
area, phil said something like all the cds in slink_test are hard links
to the release cds, so i guess technically, the names/paths won't change
rsync will update those.

but i doubt it works this way in reality myself for automated mirroring.
i'm happy for someone else to confirm it does work this way though.

> If it doesn't, this is worthless, right?

not exactly.  you will need manual intervention.

> How should that be handled by mirror sites? (I would appreciate it if there
> is an automatic solution and I don't have to rename the directories :-) )

for something as large as an ISO site, where it would cost us literally
thousands of dollars if we had to redownload a lot of data in network
charges (in australia you pay by the megabyte for traffic), i don't update
automatically and instead rely on the prompt notice to the mailing list of
changes that are going to happen to the site.

of course i prefer to find out BEFORE the changes are made.. but it
doesn't affect me too much.

so the routine for me is:

hear about changes coming
after change happens, change main directory name
run rsync over files to get changes
fix up anything else needed - the last 2.1r2 -> r4 changes were
messy because m68k wasn't release and you needed to keep 2 sets
of directories etc..

because debian-cd is very few files, this doesn't take much time.

on the other hand the stories i can tell you about the freebsd archive
and the redhat (well redhat at least is getting better) archive updates..


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