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Re: Wanted potato CD!

On 14-Dec-1999, Rushi@mail.com <Rushi@mail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> If there's anyone out there who can burn me the latest Debian-2.2 (potato)
> CD set for a reasonable price, please contact me ASAP.


I'm doing them, I ship world wide, my CDs were created 02-Dec-99, and
I've just created a new set of 19-Dec-99 CDs (but need to be tested --
should be able to do in the next few days).
AUD $60 for the set, AUD $2.50 shipping worldwide. 

(AUD $60 is about USD $35-$40).

http://tyse.net/linux-cds/ for online ordering and all that.

> Since I run a Celeron PC, I'd require the i686 (i386) binaries. Source and
> other goodies are not necessary but will do (for a marginal difference in
> price!)
> I would like the CD's either to be shipped directly to India or (safer and
> cheaper option) shipped to my friend in Oklahoma, US.

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