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Re: Upgrading a slink r1 CD to a slink r4 CD

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Jean-Baptiste Marchand wrote:

> I have the two i386 binaries CD's of Slink r1 and I would like to
> upgrade it to two i386 binaries CD's of Slink r4.
> I believe that with rsync, it is possible to upgrade ISO images, by
> downloading only the differences between the images but I'm not sure.


> Apart from the fact that the Slink r4 are not done yet, I would like
> to test this with Slink r3.
> My questions are:
> - How can I obtain an iso image of my Slink r1 Cd's ? 
>   I've done a dd like : 
>         $ dd if=/dev/hda of=slink1_image.iso 
>   but I'm not sure it is okay.
>   Or should I copy the whole cd's and make the images with mkisofs ?

dd is okay, but is /dev/hda really your CDROM drive? ;-)  And I would add
"bs=2k" to speed it up a bit. Make sure your CD isn't mounted when doing this.

> - Is it really possible to obtain a Slink release x (with x > 1) with
>   iso images of Slink release 1, without downloading the whole new
>   images ?

Yes, BUT... there are so much changes that rsync will probably download over
100 MB per image. This is of course much less than a complete CD, but maybe
more than you expected.

If you want some more info, it's a good idea to read the README of the
Pseudo-Image Kit, available from

  Anne Bezemer

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