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Re: [NEWS] status of boot-flopppies

> >
> > I suggest also that the boot cd contains the Packages.cd of all the cd's so
> > that one is not forced to swap the cd's. If one wants to make his own cd he
> > has to make a new Packages.cd anyway, so why have don't have the sane full
> > list in all the official cd's?
> And then how do you propose that the installation program detects which CDs
> are actually available?  For, if you have a complete Packages.cd on the first
> CD and you _don't_ have CDs 2, 3,... (Linux Expo etc!), you're going to run
> into really serious problems. 

I am speaking of a complete official distribution. If you don't have some
of the cd's this is obviously a problem, but in my opinion a multicd
distribution should not be splitted. If you need a lite distribution you
should burn a new cd with a different Packages.cd.

We could also use different cd description files each pointing to a different
Packages.cd. You select an alternate cd-set by specifying a different config
file at the beginning of the installation. This can be a waste of space but
it is better than having swap the cd's at the beginning of the installation.

> And don't forget people like me that are making their own Binary-3 CD with
> non-free/US stuff. In the current situation (2.1r2) I don't have to modify
> Binary-1 and 2 at all.

As this people have to burn anyway a new cd they can make it bootable, add
the new Packages.cd in it and swap the disks as before. Again I am speaking
of an official and complete distribution, and my goal is to avoid swapping
cd's when unnecessary.

> (Does apt-cdrom still need Packages.cd files? Doesn't it simply read the
> "normal" Packages file and insert the Media: item itself?)

I'm not sure but I believe that Packages.cd is needed only by dpkg. If I
remember correctly apt-cdrom should use only the Packages files found in
the various directories.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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