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debian-cd updated (was Re: Thoughts on potato etc.)

>The official YACS should go in the CVS, I'll ask Adam Di Carlo in order
>to include it.
>Adam, can you put the debian-cd source archive on the CVS (I think you
>can rename the old debian-cd as slink-cd or simply debian-cd-old) so
>that we can better coordinate between the different archs ?

Done. I didn't rename the old area but rather removed the old files
and imported the new files.  I did a diff against the pkg and the only
significant difference is that the import dropped a master.old file
(due to it's suffix).

>> Personally, I won't do anything mentioned above, except some webpages
>> stuff. Volunteers anyone? Coordinators? (I.e. who's doing what..?)
>I accept to coordinate the work for the debian-cd script (since I wrote 
>it from scratch but with heavy influence from slink-cd) so feel 
>free to send me patches (particulary now that the new
>boot-disks are available, we must use the new resc2880.bin image) ...
>I'm sorry but I didn't find the time to work on it ...

Ok -- can you tell me what is the status of debian-cd?

Why does it include the obsolete tasks/profiles information ?

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