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Re: YACS and the new i386 boot-disks

On 03-Nov-99 Hartmut Koptein wrote:
>> The new i386 bootdisks have caused YACS to fail when
>> copying the non-existant html files from the
>> boot-i386/current directory.
> For 2.2.1 in   disks-i386/current/documentation/*.html  
> and not in     disks-i386/current/*.html

Humm, do we need copies of this information in a top
level directory?  ease of use?

sparc: has no disks-sparc/current directory in the archive.
alpha: has no bootdisks whatsoever (in potato)
m68k:  has a different structure from i386

Should all archs have an /install (TLD) on the CD/ROM that
contains partial copies of the real boot dirs?
or should /install just be a link to disks-????/current  ?

Just mumbling out loud.....

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