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YACS and the new i386 boot-disks


The new i386 bootdisks have caused YACS to fail when
copying the non-existant html files from the
boot-i386/current directory.

As a temporary fix, one can change the cp statement
(around line 364) in the Makefile to NOT copy
any *.html files, and YACS will again be happy ;-)

----- snippit from modified Makefile -----

# Add the install stuff on the first CD
installtools: ok doc disks $(BDIR)/1/tools
        @echo "Adding install tools and documentation ..."
        @$(addfiles) $(BDIR)/1 $(MIRROR) tools
        @mkdir $(BDIR)/1/install
        @cd \
         $(BDIR)/1/dists/$(CODENAME)/main/disks-$(ARCH)/current; \
         cp *.txt $(BDIR)/1/install/
        @ln -sf install.html $(BDIR)/1/install/index.html

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