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Subject: Re: DVD distribution?
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 16:00:55 -0400
From: Mike Bernson <mike@mlb.org>
Reply-To: mike@mlb.org
To: Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de>
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Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> it is unlikely that linux will get a dvd software decoder soon.
There is a group working on this as we speak. It will be comming to
linux. There is a program NIST that play uncypted dvd now. The 
author has the code to decyrpt dvd. Here said that a binary
only release will done first. But source code will follow.
> but:
>  - dvd drives are supported as good as cdrom drives
>  - the dvd filesystem is not yet ported to linux (not sure),
>    but you could put a iso9660 filesystem on a dvd, i guess.
>  - at the international film and tv exhibition in germany a
>    dvd decoder board was shown. you will be able to buy it in a
>    few weeks. yes, it works with linux.
> so, if someone had enough disk space and a dvd writer, i see no
> problem for creating debian dvd´s. but creating dvd´s is not cheap...
> andreas
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