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Re: 2.1_r3 images

Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz> writes:

> On 16 Sep 1999, Philip Hands wrote:
> > Unsatisfied dependencies, so I cannot make the CDs.
> > 
> > trn on one, sendmail on another, and I forget the reason for the third
> > (look through the relevant debian-<arch> archives for an annoyed
> > message from me).
> > 
> I found a similar problem with i386 with samba-common.  I added it to
> "useful" and it worked.

If I did that, trn or sendmail (both popular packages) would be
uninstallable, due to missing dependencies.  I think that's a good
enough reason to continue with the old CDs images, until the problem
gets fixed.

Cheers, Phil.

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