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Re: A third unsatisfied 2.1_r3 dependency: alpha sendmail --> libc6.1(>= 2.1)

On 6 Sep 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

i'm just starting to update the 2.1_r3 iso images here and noticed
that the source cds have not changed at all - is this correct ?

i'm bootstrapping this by manually moving iso images from the
2.1_r2 tree over to 2.1_r3, and running rsync over the images.
this seems to have cut the download time / data down immensely

in case anyone is interested, here's the manual set of things to
run to update i386 isos.

rsync -av --stats --partial cdimage.debian.org::debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/MD5SUMS /pub/debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/MD5SUMS
rsync -av --stats --partial cdimage.debian.org::debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/binary-i386-1.iso /pub/debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/binary-i386-1.iso
rsync -av --stats --partial cdimage.debian.org::debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/binary-i386-2.iso /pub/debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/binary-i386-2.iso
rsync -av --stats --partial cdimage.debian.org::debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/binary-i386-1.list /pub/debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/binary-i386-1.list
rsync -av --stats --partial cdimage.debian.org::debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/binary-i386-2.list /pub/debian-cd/2.1_r3/i386/binary-i386-2.list

- jason@mirror.aarnet.edu.au

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