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2.1_r3 images appearing on cdimage.debian.org

Hi Folks,

I'm building the images as I type.

Unfortunately, the machine is a little slow, so I've switched off
access to the images while the images are being built.  The good news
is that this will stop people grabbing partial images.

If you mirror the CDs, please ensure that you have the images in the
right directories before running rsync, rather than downloading the
whole lot again, simply because the directory names have changed.

The easiest way of ensuring that this happens, is to make sure that
these pairs of files are hard linked together:

  slink_test/alpha/slink1-alpha.raw  2.1_r2/alpha/binary-alpha-1.iso 
  slink_test/alpha/slink2-alpha.raw  2.1_r2/alpha/binary-alpha-2.iso 
  slink_test/i386/slink1-i386.raw    2.1_r2/i386/binary-i386-1.iso 
  slink_test/i386/slink2-i386.raw    2.1_r2/i386/binary-i386-2.iso 
  slink_test/i386/slink3-i386.raw    2.1_r2/source/source-1.iso 
  slink_test/i386/slink4-i386.raw    2.1_r2/source/source-2.iso 
  slink_test/m68k/slink1-m68k.raw    2.1_r2/m68k/binary-m68k-1.iso 
  slink_test/m68k/slink2-m68k.raw    2.1_r2/m68k/binary-m68k-2.iso 
  slink_test/sparc/slink1-sparc.raw  2.1_r2/sparc/binary-sparc-1.iso 
  slink_test/sparc/slink2-sparc.raw  2.1_r2/sparc/binary-sparc-2.iso 

which can be achieved by using rsync's -H option which preserves the
hard links that exist on the server (this also halves the disk space
used if you've been doing a full mirror without the -H)

If you're mirror is not currently like this, just make sure that you
put the images under slink_test in place, because those are the files
who's names are static between releases.  The new images will be
linked to files under 2.1_r3.

I hope that all makes sense.

BTW the i386 images are done, sparc is being built now, m68k will be a
day or two I expect because it has unsatisfied dependencies in the
archive, and I'll get round to alpha at some point over the weekend

I'll probably re-enable rsync as soon as the sparc images are done, so
please be careful about mirroring alpha, because it might change in
front of your eyes.

Cheers, Phil.

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