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[Othmar Pasteka <pasteka@kabsi.at>] config for mastering slink 2.1r3 images with slink_cd


As you can see from the attached, Othmar needs some help getting hold
of some CDs for next week.

First off, are we supposed to be making some new images for 2.1_r3 ?
(Steve Mc ?)  I haven't got time to do much about it today, but I
could make the CD images on cdimage.debian.org either tonight or
tomorrow for i386 at least.  If that's the case, he's probably best off
getting those with rsync once they're done.

Otherwise, is there anyone reading that has time to help him out ?  If
so, please do it.

Cheers, Phil.

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Next week is Linux Kongress in Augsburg. We want to burn some 2.1r3
images, or at least i want it. because there aren't any images available
yet i think i will master them myself. therefore i need the
scripts/configs for building them myself. so if you READ this mail DON'T
WAIT and answer quickly. because i leave vienna on tuesday and they have
to be burnt till then. so, please hurry or somewhat like this.

thanks in advance

PS: or you tell me where to get the images from :).

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