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Re: yacs dependency

OK, thanks, I forget to ask what this 'dpkg-scanpackages -m' whas about
(it gave errors as I didn't have dpkg-multicd installed.
Also, I built those override files myself conforming to the scripts, as
I mirrored only <FTP-SITE>/debian/dists/slink and not the directories
above it. Sorry about that.

On 25-Aug-99 Raphael Hertzog wrote:

|> -     dpkg-scanpackages -m "`cat .disk/info`" \
|> +     dpkg-scanpackages \
|You shouldn't remove the "-m" option, instead you should install
|dpkg-multicd which will divert dpkg-scanpackages and install the good 
|one. I'll add this to the dependencies ...
|>                 dists/$CODENAME/$SECT/binary-$ARCH \
|> -                  $MIRROR/indices/override.$CODENAME.`t=${SECT}.;
echo -n ${t##main.}`gz \
|> +                  $MIRROR/indices/override.$CODENAME`t=.${SECT};
echo -n ${t##.main}` \
|The override file for slink is not splitted into sections .... and you
|need to scan only one dir.

Filip Van Raemdonck

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