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YACS 0.5


YACS 0.5 is available :

This version should build slink CDs without problem. The scripts all know
about the old slink non-US layout. upgrade-older-i386 and upgrade-2.0-i386
are also included for slink.

Anyway here's the complete changelog :
  * tools/add_dirs: don't create section subdirectories for non-US.
  * tools/*: full slink compliance. Should build slink disk even with
    non-US. Thanks to the help of Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@dma.be>.
  * Makefile: added an upgrade target called when building
    official_images. It will call tools/$CODENAME/upgrade.sh if possible.
    Created this upgrade.sh file for slink.
  * YACS can/should generate complete slink images with this release.
    Please test. In particular for non-i386 CD images. I want to check
    if the scripts to make CD bootables are (still) working.
  * tools/apt-selection: removed some bashisms.
  * Many data has been splitted by codename. This is to allow
    us to build slink and potato CD without much troubles.
  * Updated the master file for potato. Added the old one for slink.
  * Status file is now automatically generated when a provided one
    is not available (data/$CODENAME/status.$ARCH).
  * build.sh build_all.sh: convenience scripts to build CD images.

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<pub> CDs Debian : http://ntux.u-strasbg.fr/~raphael/debian/#cd </pub>

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