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The Pesudo-Image Kit v1.0

(I had some free time...)

The Pseudo-Image Kit v1.0 is available at


In my test situation (everything from localhost), it's working really
nice. Network traffic from/to image mirror is reduced by OVER 99% !

There is a script for generating the .list file, and one for generating
the pseudo-image. The latter can use FTP/HTTP/localdisk and can be
interrupted/resumed any time.

A few points not touched in the README (which is BTW discussing a
_possible_ future situation): 

- Don't ever use wget to get separate files from FTP. Inetd will kill
  services that have more than 40 connects per 60 seconds... So that's why
  I'm using ncftp in the background.
  I'd like to see this a bit cleaner though -- the tail -f checks only
  every second, so it's not full speed; and the tail doesn't get killed
  because I have no way to find out it's pid. Anyone a better idea?

- Preferred block size is 8192 = four disk-blocks. In my testing this
  generates "minimal" network traffic. Note that this takes advantage
  of the fact that the files in the pseudo-image are already ordered

Phil (Hands), could you generate .list files for the 2.1r2 images on
cdimage.d.o?  I'd suggest you place them (unzipped, Win users don't have
gzip ;-) in the same dir as the image files; same name, extension .list.
This should be nice testing material.

(BTW: No Win version yet. I think this has to be a .exe file because there
are no GNU file/text utils :(  Also, it should probably incorporate FTP
functionality -- wget seems useless for this purpose... This is really
beyond my knowledge.)

Happy testing....

  Anne Bezemer

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