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Re: rsync experiences

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> 3. We have really much debian-cd rsync mirrors, and they are all perfectly up
>    to date. NO. I tried to get the MD5SUMS files for i386:
>    rsync www.uk.debian.org::debian-cd/2.1_r2/i386/MD5SUMS
>      445e235ae6ff9c6bc14e264afe0f7e96  binary-i386-1.iso
>    rsync sunsite.org.uk::public/packages/debian-cd/2.1_r2/i386/MD5SUMS
>      30a020188618a03012653f02e4bcf859  binary-i386-1.iso
>    ftp.linux.org.au seems to deny access to non-Australians

mirror.aarnet.edu.au makes debian cd images (among others) available
via rsync, but we also have to deny access to non australian networks
(but access includes some newzealand and asia connected networks)

> Soooo... if you want people to use rsync, it would be very nice if
>   1. cdimage.d.o was correct, in every aspect
>   2. there were more up-to-date rsync mirrors
> It seems that no one is actively doing anything about the current situation. 
> Fine with me. Some plugs are ready to be pulled out. Permanently...? 

what's cdimage.d.o ?

and btw is there a standard for how much you have to carry ? we can
only carry the 2.1R2 source, i386 and sparc images.  which we've gotten
from phil hands site, not sunsite.org.uk, whose rsync was down when
we tried to update.


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