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Re: Release Dates

Raphael Hertzog writes:
>> You hope? We have no time to hope and to change the boot-floppies very much.
>Actually I'm quite sure but did not want to affirm anything. I'm waiting
>for Steve acknowledgment and remarks. I'm willing to do the necessesary
>changes if any ... but the script already build CDs that Jim sucessfully
>installed with both dpkg-multicd and apt-cdrom. They are also bootable and
>99% similar to those built by slink_cd, the only thing that is different
>is the script itself, it does easily allow customizable CD to be generated.

I'm hoping to (finally!) get some work done on this tomorrow at work. The
mirror we keep has had a nightmare over the last month - sunsite.org.uk
going down, a local disk failure etc. I went in to work yesterday
(Saturday) to check up on things and all seems to be going again now. So I
should be able to get some testing done and you'll get feedback from me.

If all seems to work reasonably then I'll be convinced to make the swap
and discontinue work on debian-cd/slink-cd. Debian-cd would need a lot of
munging right now to produce workable potato CDs, and even more for
potential future stuff like DVD/Zip/Jazz installation images. 

And as/when/if I get the Copious Free Time I'm waiting on...

>> I appreciate it when you say that this packages doesn't need my help for
>> potato and powerpc. 
>I cannot say this as I don't have a powerpc mirror with which I could try to
>generate powerpc images ... however I integrated the boot-powerpc script
>from slink_cd into YACS (some changes were needed to fit to the new program)
>and you'll only to change what's needed in this one. And maybe write the
>README.powerpc ...

Cool. The mirror at work is a full one and I now have enough spare disk
space that I should be able to generate images for all platforms. 
Unfortunately we're firewalled so I can't offer them for ftp. I'll see
what I can do in that respect...

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