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Re: apt-cdrom - with yacs-0.3 generated disks

On 07-Aug-99 Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
>> If you use apt- AND multiple CD/ROMS that were
>> created with yacs-0.3 ... apt will prompt you to change
>> disks durring the installation process. ... it aint pretty
>> but it works.
> How many disk swaps did you need to do? I've been trying to get that
> number down to about 2 or 3..

I did'nt count...but that seems about correct...Immagine it
depends upon selected packages...and what disk they are on.  I
will try it again later and pay more attention...

>> The process is to insert each CD, run 'apt-cdrom add', then:
>> unmount /cdrom, then:
>> run apt-cdrom add (for subsiquent disks), then:
>> unmount /cdrom
>> ...
>> After ALL of your disks have been added to sources list, one
>> can use dselect.  
> You know apt-cdrom unmounts the CD before it propmts you to insert a new
> one - the latest version also picks up Source index files (does YACS write
> those?) 

Correct...but the poor user cannot EJECT the CD unless it is unmounted.
Thats why one has to manually unmount BEFORE using apt-cdrom on the next
CD. ;-(   Small thing, but perhaps it should unmount the CD after apt-cdrom
compleates its magic ??

> I've been meaning to put a loop in there, it will probably appear before
> we release.

Cool.  Actually I was EXTREMELY pleased that it worked!

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