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Re: sunsite.org.uk - rsync access to cd-images

On 3 Aug 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

> Last time we released new CD images, the traffic spike generated by
> Sunsite UK was so great that JANET's London backbone was brought to
> its knees, and they pulled the plug on Imperial College for a few
> days, which is why Sunsite went off the air after the release.  They
> have 622Mbits IIRC, so throwing more bandwidth at the problem probably
> won't help.

A single 'normal' machine (and even an extrodinary one would need a heck
of alot of clients) is not going to saturate 622Mbit, something else was
happening there. samosa itself has demonstrated 60G/day of traffic, that's
around 60 people downloading CD images per day. (most leaches will
probably only grab one of the images too..)

> It would be great if you could provide us with another high bandwidth
> mirror though, especially if its on the other side of the Atlantic.

Now that we have the resources avaiable it would be nice to put the master
server onto one of Debian's machines - it ultimately becomes more
maintainable - you have been and still are doing a great job, so it's no
big deal...


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