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Re: YACS 0.2 does build binary CDs !

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> Le Tue, Jul 27, 1999 at 04:23:27PM +1200, Philip Charles écrivait:
> > I have taken a quick look at YACS and as far as I can determine it goes
> > straight though to write the images, which is no good to me.  I store my
> You don't need to write the images ... you can do :
> $ make potato_status
> $ make list
> $ make bootable
> $ make packages
> $ make md5list
> Than you have your tree without the images. You can build the images with
> make images later ... when I suggested make official_images it was only a
> convenient way to do everything in one command line ...
> I'll add explanation about make packages in the README.

Thanks.  I use the trees to see what is happening and to check the discs.

> > disc sets as disc trees (hard links and all that) as this saves HDD space.
> This is how YACS does it too.
> > I would find provision for the inclusion of a local fs helpful.
> Do you want to add a directory to the CD ? Read the README about make
> extras. But the files must be on the same partition as they will be
> hardlinked. BTW, I never tried make extras. :)

With slink_cd I add a local fs complete with a packages file using "arch" 
as dselect recognizes it as a "local" fs during the installation.

> > Being written in perl is a pain as far as I am concerned as it means that
> > I have to work out how to butcher the code.

I produce three custom Debian discs (sets) as well as the official one and
what is on them will probably be quite different when potato is released
because its larger size. I would consider it unreasonable to expect you or
anyone else to produce a version of YACS flexible enough to meet my needs. 
Please remember that my coding background is Atari (XE) BASIC and batch
files.  I am just beginning to get my head round bash - and now perl [B-(
> What do you want to butcher ? Perl is used for list2cds and some scripts
> but in the Makefile, it's plain sh as it's in some other scripts that are
> in the tools dir.
> Please if you want to correct/enhance something, tell me what and I'll try
> to do it.
> BTW, I wonder how you would have written list2cds in shell ... :-D

I wouldn't try.  I modify, and if you saw my code you would understand why
I call it "butchering".  Don't spoil my fun, I enjoy taking a script and
getting it to do what I want it to do.


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