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Re: Ideas

Jason Gunthorpe writes:
>On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> What we need is a better CD-ROM interface that asks the user to feed all
>> their CDs in in turn and remembers the different Packages files from each.
>> This is clearly the best way to do things IMHO. If I understand his code
>> at all, this appears to be what Heiko is doing with dpkg-multicd V2. And
>> IIRC it's what Jason is programming apt-cdrom to do also. Then we can get
>> away from the problems I've detailed here with multiple CDs. It also gives
>> us more freedom to do what some people have been pushing for for some time
>apt-cdrom is already completed all that remains is to bolster suppoer for
>media swapping in apt-get.. It does what you describe and it works in all
>sorts of situations, particularly it now supports SMB mounts (ie all the
>symlinks are missing). It should be ready for testing with potato.


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