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Re: just a kernel on CD ?

On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Christian Hammers wrote:

> Hi !
> I like to have a CD just as a normal floppy disk for booting, i.e. I
> want to copy a plain kernel (which is setup to boot from /dev/sda1)
> on this CD and let it boot.
> How to do that ? (I have Linux burning tools and Nero(tm) for Windows)
> BTW: If it matters, the /dev/sda is a 100GB drive. 

You need a /boot directory that contains a rescue floppy image containing
a kernel with the proper modules build-in (msdos, iso9660, and ext2 are
the minimum, I think). Set up the kernel to use the desired root file
system, and you should be off and running. You only need a machine that
can boot from a CD and this should work.

BTW, the "rescue" image could just as easily be an image of the boot
floppy you can create at the end of the base installation phase. That
image is already set up to boot your desired file system.


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