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Re: debian-cd

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On 6/23/99, 10:03:32 AM, Shurik Dovnar 
<Shurik.Dovnar@p1.f78.n450.z2.fidonet.org> wrote regarding debian-cd:

> Hey!

> As far as I discovered to make cd-images I need to use debian-cd. But 
it is
> available only in hamm. And as i found it can't split big main section 
in two
> cds. I have some slink's cds and on them i found that they were 
prepared by
> slink_cd. Please tell me way to do potato's cd-images from mirror.

The scripts to create the slink CD's are located here:


There is currently no scripts to create potato images.
Although work is being done to modify the slink_cd scripts
for potato.

I hope this helps.


Jim Westveer <jwest@netnw.com>

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