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Re: What to do about the "Official" CD

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Will Lowe wrote:
> > Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > > > > I would also like to suggest that vendors be allowed to "add" items to the
> > > > > Official image and still call it "Official". (Possibly Official Plus)
> > Will Lowe wrote:
> > > > We could specify a directory under the / on the CD for vendors,  like /opt
> > > > in the FHS,  and allow vendors to put anything they want there.  Call it
> > Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > 
> > > How about a Vendors/ directory (with or without the caps, but the caps
> > > would put it at the top of the directory list) where each vendor can
> > > create their own directory and place anything they want within.
> > 
> > Sounds good.  The question is, will vendors be satisfied?  Is
> > /Vendors/Cheapbytes be "visible" enough from a marketing standpoint?  
> I can't imagine why they would not be extatic!
> They can print:
> See our Catalogue in /<someplace> on this CD.
> This will handle the "marketing" and "visible" issues.
> They just need _some_ place to put a fixed upgrade shell script, or DOS
> installation helper scripts, or ...
> It is much more an issue of what may I do to the "Official" image and
> still call it Offical. Marketing will always be able to misrepresent the
> product as either more or less than it really is ;-)
> > 
> > Does anyone know enough people in the business to ask around?
> >
> I cc'd this to debian-cd. Maybe someone there can speak more to this.
Taken the bait.

I provide four variants of slink CDs,  Standard - straight slink_cd with
non-US & non-free.  Enhanced - all binaries on two CDs, source on the
next three plus a local fs and other documentation and files. Basic -
slink 1 needed only plus an installation guide.  Augmented single - the
Basic disc with about 150 MB of other stuff.   Point, none of these are
"Official" CDs.

Personally I prefer there to be an "Official" CD based on an authorized
iso image.  This acts as a benchmark to which custom CDs can be compared
and I am careful to make this comparison.  I consider that it enables
customers to make reasoned decisions. 


Philip Charles; 39a Paterson St., Abbotsford, New Zealand; +64 3 4882818
I sell GNU/Linux CDs.   See http://www.copyleft.co.nz

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