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Re: cdimage.debian.org mirrors?

"Hendrik Visage (Sun)" <hendrik@sdn.co.za> writes:

> On this question, how do you became a mirror ?

You mail me (like you just did), and tell me you're willing to be a
public mirror, at which point I give you a password to the rsync area
that contains them, and then tell you not to use it ;-)  (like I just did)

The problem with mirroring these images is that they are huge, so
wherever the master site is, gets hit by a load of bandwidth.  The
sollution is that if at all possible, mirrors should cluster, so that
only one mirror in every area (continent ?) goes directly to the
master site.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that sunsite.org.uk is
fairly local to cdimage.debian.org (both are in London, UK), and since
sunsite has vastly more bandwidth, people that want to mirror off
cdimage.debian.org are almost always better off going to sunsite

> Jeff Shelman writes:
>  > I have not been able to connect to http://cdimage.debian.org.  Has the server been
>  > down this last week or is it just me?

Actually, the host wasn't down, it's just had it's IP address changed,
due to moving ISPs, and since InterNIC cannot do their job properly,
they are still giving out the old address for open.hands.com, so I've
had to set up open2.hands.com to point at the right address, so that
cdimage's CNAME can point at it.

Cheers, Phil.

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