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debian_cd version with potato support now in cvs.


this evening I made the changes I proposed today. Here is the log

*  Renamed slink_cd to debian_cd (by deleting and adding) 

*  Added subdirectories ./slink/ ./potato/. They now hold the master
   configuration files.

*  Moved old slink[12345].* files from ./ to slink/ as cd[12345].*

*  Files in potato/ are copies of slink/* with s/slink/potato/g. 

*  Extensively edited debian_cd:
      - Added $CODENAME, $CODENAME_STATUS configuration variables.
      - Changed script, so that master config files come from 
      - Trees are generated in $CODENAME[12345]
      - Added $SCANPACKAGES variable, so that a patched
        dpkg-scanpackages can be run.
*  Edited mklist so that $CODENAME is used. 

*  Checked the steps: genlist, tree, packages. 

*  TODO: Check the other steps, edit README

in addition I created a slink_cd branch before. 

happy linuxing, 
a rather exausted,


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