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Re: Slink-CD (Part II)

Since I haven't received any comment I have opened a bunch of bug
reports so the issues don't get lost.

Martin Schulze wrote:
> I've now used the script you've provided but had to change some parts
> and noticed some other oddities.  Do you want me to file the bugs as
> bug reports so they get recorded and you get a reminder?
>  2. Is there any reason why slink-cd is not an official Debian package
>     such as debian-cd and dpkg-multicd?  I'd appreciate if it would be
>     part of the standard distribution.
>  3. Since slink-cd doesn't really depend on lha but needs it only for
>     m68k cds you should change the depends in a recommends or suggests
>     line.  lha is non-free thus slink-cd should not depend on it.


>  4. There is /usr/src/slink-cd/COPYING which is superflous.


>  5. In /usr/src/slink-cd/README, which should be in /usr/doc/slink-cd,
>     you should mention how many free disk space is needed for the cd
>     images.  Are all binary discs discs built at the same time?  Is
>     free space for one enough?  What about "memory" so save Packages
>     files?


>  6. In /usr/src/slink-cd/README do a s/ustomise/ustomize/g (only in
>     case my English isn't too bad)


>  7. Why isn't there an overall configuration file where one can list
>     the position of the slink mirror, non-US, tmp dir etc.?
>  8. You write in /usr/src/slink-cd/README
>        There is a patch for mkhybrid 1.12a4.7 included with this
>        program. Grab the original source from
>        http://www.ps.ucl.ac.uk/~jcpearso/mkhybrid.html or
>        http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~stevem/DebianCD/ . There is also a
>        statically-linked i386 binary at the latter site. You will also need
>        to add the "-F" option to the mkhybrid command line for this sym-links
>        hack to work.
>     I wonder why the patch isn't included in mkhybrid as included with
>     Debian / and forwarded upstream?
>  9. In /usr/src/slink-cd/README do a s/borken/broken/g


> 10. Why are executables placed in /usr/src/slink-cd instead of
>     /usr/sbin/ or /usr/lib/slink-cd?  Such as mklist, mklinks,
>     pkg-order etc.


> 11. slink_cd isn't as flexible as I thought, one can't precopy the
>     .mkisofsrc, patch will follow.  The patch got bigger... It's
>     appended.


> 12. In slink_cd I miss the ability to add local scripts in order to
>     give special design, files or whatever to the disc, added in my
>     version.  Check the patch for hook scripts.


> 13. I miss the ability to reconstruct the Contents file from scratch
>     which looks proper to me if you create a 1 cd set or a set with
>     additions (like Gnome 1.0) which are not present in regular slink.
>     Patch will follow.  Not done yet, too few time atm.  FIXME


> 14. From what I analysed the slink_cd program doesn't create multicd
>     discs as described in /usr/doc/dpkg-multicd/readme.txt.gz . I
>     wonder why slink-cd doesn't use the proper multicd layout.
> 15. At least README.multicd misses a trailing newline


> 16. In /usr/doc/copyright a source URL is missing.




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