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Re: Slink-CD (Part III)

On Apr 11, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> For slink-cd, lha is only used to unpack the lha archive into the atari/
> or amiga/ directories? We can replace it with tar for that purpose (yet
> another file to upload). I don't know if the same would work for Amiga. I
> can repackage the Amiga stuff into a tarball for some Amiga user to try. 
> If it works (i.e. no magic permission bits get lost and Steve can burn a 
> CD using the tarball that Christian or someone else can use), I'll add it to
> the slink boot-floppies source. 

Sure, tar -zcpf amigainstall.tgz would work... but see next paragraph:

> Getting rid of lha in boot-floppies means we need a Gnu tar for Amiga and 
> Atari (I think I've seen one for Atari). lha is by far the most popular
> format in the Amiga and Atari community, I think. I don't see the point in 
> insisting on a different format (but then, I don't see the point in being
> PC most of the time).

Unfortunately, even though there are both tar and gzip for Amiga and
Atari, neither platform provides convenient pipes.  So you end up

gunzip < amigainstall.tgz > amigainstall.tar
tar -xvpf amigainstall.tar

There are even-less-free-than-lha utilities that will take care of tar
files (UnTGZ on Amigas, for example).

(LHA only picks up the Unix permission bits... so all you need are the
bits that tar preserves.)

I guess the tar files could be provided for use by slink-cd, but lha
is probably unavoidable for boot-floppies on the Amiga and Atari.

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