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Documentation on CD

     (I have always corresponded with Steve regarding the docs on the
slink CD.  I just saw a message saying he will be away for about
ten days.  This can probably wait for him to return, unless new
cd-images are made for a point release in the meantime.)

     I received my developer's gratis set of CDs from Linux Central

     I noticed that the root directory includes several prominent
READMEs, the Release_Notes and the two \upgrade* directories, much of
which is really oriented towards upgrades.

     The first time debian installer needs the documentation from the
boot-floppy package, which is less prominently displayed.  I think there
should be a prominent link to install.txt in the root directory.  

     There is the /doc directory, but nothing to point the newbie to
it. Almost all of the documentation in /doc is html.  I think this is
a mistake.  If the new user is trying to install onto a DOS machine,
he may not have an html viewer available (he will probably have
Netscape, by may not know how to read a file on a CD with it).

     README.1ST says "See \install\install.txt for more information".
I think a directory /INSTALL containing install.txt as a symlink to
/dists/slink/main/disks-i386/current/install.txt would be a good
solution, but something strange seems to have happened on the way to
making it. ;-)

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